• Parking throughout the midtown
    and dowtown grid
  • New Parking Structures at
    Miller Park and Broadway
  • Existing Parking Garages
    in Old Sacramento
  • Existing Parking Garages
    on Capitol Mall


  • New Electric Trolley Running East And West On R Street And North And South On Front Street
  • Existing Train Running From
    Land Park To The California Train Museum
  • Light Rail Stations Connected
    To Broadway, R-street And Throughout Downtown
  • River Taxies, Ferries, Boats and Yachts Will Bring People From
    West Sacramento And Up And Down The River
  • New RT Entertainment Line
    through downtown and Midtown
  • Short Walk From Downtown,
    R street Corridor And Old Sacramento
  • Existing Bike Trails Will Lead Directly To The Complex
  • Automobiles

Next Steps

  • Negotiate with Current Developer
    of the Docks Project
  • Negotiate Parking Parcels in
    Miller Park and On Broadway
  • Relocate SPCA Site
  • Plan New Bridges at R Street
    & O Street
  • Plan R Street Improvements
  • Plan Electric Trolley At Front Street & R Street
  • Plan Broadway & Miller Park Improvements


  • Stadium Capitol Financing Group (Morgan Stanley) Equity Seat Rights (ESR)
  • City of Sacramento (TBD)
  • Sacramento Kings (TBD)